Support those who have a need for education essentials

All children and adults have needs and the right to an education. We support those who have a need for school essentials. We are mindful of the need to repurpose, reuse and recycle.

Poverty is an increasing problem in New Zealand and families struggle with the cost of school essentials every year. Parents say that they are expected to pay more than $1000 per child attending secondary school, while those with children at primary schools estimated costs of about $300 including voluntary donations. education education education is a newly established, non-profit organisation that aims to source and supply school essentials for children and adults in New Zealand.

We are currently sourcing and providing school essentials and supplies such as stationery, electronics, books, equipment and other goods for education to redistribute to those who are not so privileged. In essence, we are developing a resource centre of recycled items.

In the future we aim to create a recycling system and engage with council, schools and companies to facilitate drop off points for school supplies.